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Last review from July 12, 2024

Here are just a few intriguing categories and products that can be acquired within the depths of Nemesis:

  1. Illicit Substances: For those in search of a taste of the forbidden, Nemesis provides an expansive selection of prohibited substances. Whether you’re looking for recreational drugs, pharmaceuticals, or uncommon compounds, this marketplace satisfies a broad spectrum of desires, offering an engaging experience for those daring to delve into the darker side.
  2. Fraudulent Documents: Nemesis provides access to an extensive array of counterfeit documents that can grant you new identities or protect your privacy. From passports and driving licenses to birth certificates and social security cards, these meticulously crafted documents open the door to a realm of anonymity and liberty.
  3. Hacking Tools and Services: Tech enthusiasts will find themselves enticed by Nemesis’s array of hacking tools and services. Navigate the world of cybercrime with a multitude of software, tutorials, and expert hacking services that enable users to uncover the secrets of the digital universe and unleash their hidden hacker.
  4. Stolen Data and Credentials: Nemesis unlocks the gateway to a murky world where stolen data and credentials can be procured. Embark on the trade of personal information, account credentials, and even financial data. It is crucial, however, to note that participation in such activities is illegal and unethical, and users must proceed with caution and discretion.
  5. Underground Market Services: Nemesis provides a diverse range of underground market services designed to meet various needs. From money laundering and smuggling to DDOS attacks, this marketplace functions as a hub for those seeking unconventional services that operate beyond the limits of legality and social norms.

Nemesis Marketplace Datasheet

Link and emergency mirrorshttp://nemesiskhmw5fumayc5pzdnu67ndrjpq7hoat4iqmex62v45i54p7qqd.onion


Year founded2020
Cryptocurrencies acceptedBTC and XMR
Product/Service listing~2000
Multi-signature escrowNo
Countries to which they deliverUSA, EU, Worldwide

Nemesis Payments

Nemesis payment link

The darknet market Nemesis accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) as payment methods due to their convenience, safety, and anonymity. These cryptocurrencies have gained favor within the darknet community because they offer a degree of privacy that conventional payment methods lack. Bitcoin, as the most recognized cryptocurrency, provides a relatively transparent blockchain, but users can still maintain a certain degree of anonymity by using different addresses for each transaction. Monero, on the other hand, offers enhanced privacy features such as stealth addresses and ring signatures, making it even more challenging to trace transactions back to their originators. I would like to note that on the Nemesis market you can not just put money in your wallet, and then buy something. Instead, you will need to pay for each order from your cart with a separate transaction. There are advantages to this, as you will not have unspent cryptocurrency in your account.

User Interface of Nemesis

Nemesis market interface

The interface of Nemesis is intuitively designed and easy to navigate, even for newcomers to the darknet. It is functionally organized with clear, easy-to-understand categories, and the site also provides a useful search bar for more specific inquiries. Nemesis market runs on a forum script, perhaps some users may not find it convenient. Users can filter their search results by category, vendor, shipping country, price, and a variety of other parameters, making the product search process a straightforward task. Moreover, each product comes with detailed information about its vendor, including ratings and reviews, ensuring that users can make informed decisions.

Best Vendors of Nemesis Market List

All vendors listed are approved by Nemesis Market administration. New vendors added regularly.

Vendor nameRatingReviewsSalesLINK

Nemesis User Guide

If you’re interested in exploring what Nemesis has to offer, here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to download and install Tor browser. This software enables you to access .onion sites, which form part of the darknet, providing anonymity to its users and the websites.
  2. Once you have Tor installed, you can click on the following link to access Nemesis: http://nemesiskhmw5fumayc5pzdnu67ndrjpq7hoat4iqmex62v45i54p7qqd.onion
  3. You will need to create an account to begin exploring the site. Remember to use an anonymous username and a strong password. Additionally, make sure you keep your personal information and your darknet activities separate.
  4. Before you can make purchases, you will need to acquire Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (XMR), the cryptocurrencies accepted by Nemesis. There are several places online where you can buy these currencies, but make sure to choose a reputable exchange.
  5. Once you have funded your account, you can begin browsing and shopping on Nemesis. Always be sure to research the sellers and the products before making a purchase.

Nemesis market user reviews

take care scammers

Hi guys,
I placed an order for 100g of strawberry haze with 20% thc but I only received some dark cbd like shit, definitely not as described.
The vendor I ordered from is @FastDrugs.
I´ve ask the vendor via pm to double check the tracking in case he sent out the wrong order by mistake but I haven´t had any reply after 17 hours but in the dispute he answered within 1 hour after my message.
His answer in the dispute is:
we shipped 100g strawberry haze like ordered.
Your statements are false, my proofs are real and we can proof unlimited amounts.
Please payout my money since the customer already got his product.
after 11 hours when he was sending this in the dispute he still haven’t sent any evidence in the dispute. Of course not what should he send? Maybe how he packed something nobody can see?
My last three orders with other vendors came without issue but this vendor now is instead accusing me of switching out the product which simply is not true.
Where does he expect me to get a vacuum bag,vacuum sealer and 100g cbd like weed to stage a photo immediately after receiving his package?
I have pictures with timestamp of the package that arrived that clearly shows it’s only some dark cbd like weed, definitely not what I was ordering.
Here are four pics for everyone to see: (I have covered the tracking details in this pictures, but for the dispute chat I left them uncovered.)
If you take a closer look on his profile you can notice a few abnormalities.
First in his strawberry haze offer which I was ordering he have his username just in one picture where you can´t see the weed.
Secondly the most important thing which is clear an evidence that he is systematically running a scam that his old offer “cannabis sample” (you can find over his
reviews) which is according to his description the same weed I´ve should got now BUT
if you take a look at the picture it´s the same picture like his actually “original us import cali weed” offer only much more closer.
The price in this offer even was very far away from now.
I noticed that you really can´t see anything on his speed/amphetamine offer either.
I am a bit concerned about the amount of money that is still locked up in escrow.
Have any of you here ever experienced something similar and how was the problem solved?
Will I get my money back or have I been scammed?
In my opinion it is obvious that this user is scamming and anyone who checks the points I mentioned would probably agreeing with me.
If the vendor won´t even respond in the dispute to such serious claim´s then other people on this forum have a right to know.


So I’ve already bought there twice. The first time everything ok, because the second time the goods came very late. But the goods have come. But the goods were flawless. It was cocaine, 2 grams for one.
I also opened a dispute, but on that very day the goods arrived

How to make ordering safe?

You are safe here. Escrow in full effect. Vendors are solid. The community is non-toxic, etc.
Enjoy your visit, do come back and let us all know of your experiences.

Nemesis Rules

Child pornography, assassination service, weapons, explosives, fentanyl, poisons, acids, writing in all caps are not allowed.

Nemesis provides a remarkable exploration into the realm of the darknet, offering a wide variety of products and services that exist beyond the confines of the regular internet. Its user-friendly interface and diverse offerings make it an interesting and unique marketplace within the underbelly of the digital world. However, it is important to remember that many of the activities carried out on such platforms are illegal and unethical. Always be cautious and aware of your actions when venturing into the realm of the darknet.

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